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Over half of our readership are owners with powerful influence on products and services needed to maintain their business.

FGWA Media Kit

Advertise with FGWA

Email Advertising

FGWA has received the Constant Contact All Star Award for the last 3 years. This award is given to customers who consistently have high open rates (greater than 25%), click through rates, and low bounce rates.

Exclusive Solo Email Blast
One (1) opportunity available per month. First-come, first-serve basis.

FGWA sends your exclusive email on behalf of the advertiser to FGWA members.

Rates: FREE for members (member benefit only)

Specs: 700w x (no height limit).

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FGWA Electronic Newsletter Ads – Monthly
One (1) opportunity available per issue/month

The FGWA’s monthly email for members includes relevant news updates, regulatory alerts, upcoming meeting information, supplier and product spotlights and much more! Feature your company with a linked image or video.

Rates: $50 per issue or $500 for the year (12 issues)

Specs: 600w x 100h. Ads must be saved as high-resolution PNG or JPG file, optimized for web. Ad must be received within 5 days of the scheduled newsletter.

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Website Advertising

The FGWA homepage averages monthly 1,833 page visits; 1,195 unique visitors.

Premium Homepage Advertising
Ten (10) Ads Available

Include your advertisement in the rotating image box that is visible on ALL pages of the FGWA website.

Rates: $50 per month or $500 for the year

Specs: Ads must be saved as high-resolution PNG or JPG file, optimized for web. 150w x 200h

Online Classifieds
Online classifieds are FREE for members and will be posted to the website for 60 days. Note: If you submit a classified for the Florida Driller Magazine, your online ad will be exact copy of print classified ad.

Print Advertising

Driller MagazineFlorida Driller is the top publication in the state that keeps Florida’s ground water professionals informed about important industry related information. The Florida Driller is printed quarterly and sent to over 600 members of the FGWA, as well as other state and national associations, and government entities all over the country.

FGWA Classified Line Advertising Available. Classifieds Line Print Ads will run in one issue of the publication and on FGWA’s website for 60 days.

FGWA Editorial Opportunities: Florida Driller readers want to know the latest about products and services. Contact FGWA to talk about editorial opportunities.

Publication Calendar

1st Quarter/Spring 2017 – Deadline February 8

Pre-Convention Issue
2nd Quarter/Summer 2017 – Deadline May 17

Post-Convention Issue
3rd Quarter/Fall 2017 – Deadline August 9
4th Quarter/Winter 2017 – Deadline November 8

Rates per Issue:
Four Color Ads

Inside Front Cover ……… $600
Inside Back Cover ………. $600
Outside Back Cover ……. $600
Full Page …………………….. $500
Half Page ……………………. $400
Quarter Page ……………… $300

Classifieds …………………..$50
Classified advertising includes 50 words. Ads will run in one issue of the publication and on FGWA’s website for 60 days.

Poly Bags ………………….. $900
Poly  bag  your  catalog,  brochure or  product  sample  along  with the  Florida  Driller  for  less  than the  cost  of  direct  postage  to  our readership.

Ad Sizes:
Please view Media Kit for ad size specifications.

All artwork MUST be received in electronic format with accompanying match print. PC-compatible CD or e-mail delivery of files is acceptable. Ads must be saved as high-resolution PDF files, Tiff files or EPS files. All artwork resolution must be a minimum of 300 dpi at the printed size. EPS files must be accompanied by all graphics and fonts (both screen and printer versions). Quark Express or Adobe Illustrator files must be converted to EPS or PDF files. All ad materials must be received by the publisher by the deadline date. When new materials are not received by the closing date, the publisher will repeat the latest ad of similar size. If there was no previous insertion, the client is liable for the cost of the contracted space not used, and the unused space will be allocated at the discretion of the publisher.

All payments are due 30 days after the date of invoice. Advertiser agrees to pay all charges and balances that it or its authorized agent incurs to FGWA for the publication of Advertiser’s content.


Contact: John Galligan, FGWA Driller Advertising Director, at
(850) 205-5641 or email