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Contractor’s Division – Any person, partnership, company or corporation who contracts with a purchase for well-drilling or pump and equipment installation.
Associate Member – Any person, partnership, company or corporation engaged in providing equipment, supplies, materials, or services used in the water well industry.
Ground Water Technology Division – Any entity engaged in the supervision, regulation, evaluation, development, or investigation of underground waters or ground water supply installation or related technology. Any individual in an accredited university, college or preparatory school, studying or teaching subject matter embracing the water well industry.
Supporting Member – Any individual who is an employee of an active member firm may join as a supporting member with the same company name. This membership includes right of voice, but not the right to hold office or vote.


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Members of FGWA Chapters receive 25% off their membership dues with the FGWA.

North Central Florida Water Well Association
West Coast Chapter of FGWA

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FGWA Legislative Action Fund

The FGWA has developed a Legislative Action fund for members of the industry to contribute to, to ensure that the association can properly respond to state governmental actions or initiatives by corporations or other associations that would have a negative impact on the ground water industry in Florida.

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