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Let’s get the FGWA name out there. Not just to other drillers, but to those that can impact the industry. Let’s get members in legislator offices; or even better let’s get legislators in member’s shoes.  Let’s get our voice heard with some very simple steps.  Let’s be active in the association and in the industry.  Let’s talk about regulation and deregulation. Let’s educate, protect, preserve.  Let’s plan for the future and not just tomorrow.  Let’s make you the best that you can be. Let us show you your membership dollars are at work.  Let us help you receive all the member benefits. I MEAN ALL OF THEM!!  Let us get to know you and collaborate with you.  Let us get you plugged into the industry.   Let us help you imagine what one voice can do. Let’s make that voice FLORIDA GROUND WATER ASSOCIATION.  Let’s get involved, whether it’s volunteering on one committee or two.  Let us give you the resources you need to grow your business.  Better yet, let us give your son, daughter or grandchild a scholarship to advance their education.  Let us provide you with a place to post your resume, job opening or equipment for sale.  Let us be transparent with those that support the association.  Let’s work together and protect the groundwater.

Mike Ward


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