FGWA Mission

The mission of the Florida Ground Water Association is to provide professional and technical leadership in the advancement of the ground water industry and in the protection, the promotion, and the responsible development and use of ground water resources in the State of Florida. In support of this mission, we are committed to: Serving as a Statewide education and information resource; serving as a communication link for our diverse membership to allow them to address their unique needs and the issues facing the ground water industry; and serving the people and the organizations who produce, study, utilize, remediate, market, protect, or manage ground water or related products and services in the State of Florida.

This association was organized in 1935 by a group of well drilling contractors at the old Las Novadados Restaurant in Tampa as the Florida Well Drillers Association; the purpose of which was to further the principles of the industry and to protect Florida’s water resources.

Annual conventions began in 1940. In 1946 several members of the Illinois Well Drillers Association came to Florida to solicit the assistance of the Florida Association in the organization of a national association. With the assistance of the Florida and several other state associations, the National Water Well Association was formed in 1948 in Peoria, Illinois. In 1951 in Orlando and again in 1961 in Miami Beach, the Florida Association hosted the National’s annual conventions and trade shows.

In 1972 as an affiliate of the National Water Well Association, the name of the association was changed to Florida Water Well Association. Also in 1972 the Florida Association was instrumental in the passage of the Florida State Licensing Act (Dept. of Natural Resources HB2968) under which the industry is now governed.

In 1994 the name of the assocation was changed to Florida Ground Water Association to correspond with the National’s. The association includes all segments of the industry; namely, contractors, suppliers, manufacturers, and scientists and engineers with a common goal to foster new economic and beneficial developments for the industry.

FGWA Obligations of Membership

Members of the Florida Ground Water Association recognize that we have special obligations to the public we serve. As Protectors of Florida’s most precious resource we pledge:

  • To assist, promote, encourage and support the interests and welfare of the water well industry in all its phases, generally and in particularly within the state of Florida.
  • To foster, aid and promote scientific education, standards, research and techniques in order to improve methods of well construction and development, and to advance the science of ground water hydrology.
  • To promote harmony and cooperation of all interested groups relative to the improvement of drilling and pumping equipment.
  • To encourage, serve, assist and promote close cooperation with the National Ground Water Association, Inc.
  • To collect, analyze and disseminate to the public facts about the role of the water well industry in the economy of the state of Florida and of the nation’s and to advance generally the mutual interests of all those engaged in the water well industry, in their own and the public interest.