Past Scholarship Winners

"Thank you to the FGWA team and their generosity. They have rewarded me with both the 2021 and 2022 John Kriska Memorial Scholarship award. These honorable achievements have helped my family and I tremendously in regards to college payments. I am eternally grateful for what FGWA has provided to my family. Without them I would not be able to accomplish my goals."
   ~ Kadie Wood

“Thank you Florida Ground Water Association for the opportunity to further my education. I cannot emphasize how much this means to me! I promise that I won’t squander this opportunity.”
    ~ Madison Fuller

“Thank you so much for choosing me as a recipient of your 2017 scholarship. It will be extremely helpful in allowing me to continue working towards my biology degree at Duke while also saving up for Medical School. I am so grateful for your generous support of my education.”
    ~ Casey Kuka

"I am ever so thankful for being selected for this scholarship. I am now one step closer to achieving my goal of graduating college debt free. Your support for my academic endeavors is greatly appreciated."
    ~Alexis Daniels

"I want to start out by saying how thankful I am to have received the Florida Ground Water Association scholarship. I am extremely proud of the work that my grandfather and uncle have done through this organization. This scholarship is an investment in the lives of people connected through their line of work. Investments in young people’s lives that will inspire them that they can continue working hard to achieve their dreams. Without support from scholarships like this one, college would be nearly impossible to pay for without loans. I will forever be grateful for the people who believe in me enough to invest in my future. Education is one of the most important things in life and will be the beginning of a bright future. Thank you for believing in me."
    ~Karianne Sherouse

"I’d like to start by thanking you for having as one of the lucky few to have received the 2021 of the John Krishna Memorial Scholarship Fund! This is going to be critical in allowing me to finish my degree and continue to work down my education path in Computer Science. This is going to allow me to complete most, if not complete, my degree, and begin a new journey in my life! Thank you again for selecting, it truly is an honor!" ~ Nicholas Lilland

Congratulations to Past FGWA John Kriska Memorial Scholarship Winners

Jacob Anderson
Taylor Anderson
Cullen Bair
Richard Bass Jr.
Rainey Beery
Kayla Bilbey
Ryleigh Bishop
James Bishop IV
Ariel Ashley Black
Catherine Bonacum
Marc Bonilla
Alexander Brawley
Alexander Britton
Victoria Britton
Charles Burke
Katherine Burke
Darrylin Cannon
Sorryl Cannon
Michael-Ann Clark
Sara-Kellet Clark
Josh Clevenger
Kenneth Clyatt
Paige Conrad
Alexis Daniels
Lascelles Daniels
Kasey Dwyer
Madison Early
Adrienne Ferguson
Maida Finch
Sierra Nicole Finch
Savannah Fourqurean
Madison Fuller
Tyler Chase Gatchell
Nikolas Gilboy
Jenna Marie Gilboy
Shems Halwani
Wyatt Hardwicke
Heidi Hausinger
Joseph Hausinger
Matthew Hilfiker
Olivia Hilfiker
Gabriella Breann Holt
Robert Huss
Cady Huss
Grayson Jernigan
Christina Johnson
Dustin Johnson
Serena Jonas
Laurie Keaton
Aidan Keller
Mackenzie Kinard
Casey Kuka
Chloe Kuka
Grayson Leavins
Nicholas Lilland
Sharmila Lilland
Jacob Martin
Amanda McLaughlin
Ira Reilly Merritt
Juana Metz
Cory Miller
Ashley Mixon
Brad Mixon
Courtney Mixon
Sadie Montana
Benjamin Mosteller
Connor Murphy
Haley Murphy
Andy O’Brien
Brooklyn O’Brien
Cristian O’Brien
Chloe Palmer
Lance M. Patridge
Megan Palmer
William Palmer II
Merritt Partridge
Stephanie Petrey
Luke Richardson
Chelsea Rioux
Ashley Rollins
Megan Rollins
Delaney Sagul
Nathan Sagul
Rachel Sattler
Jacob Scaringella
Madison Scaringella
Karianne Sherouse
Katelan Sherouse
Cassidy Sigler
Sterling Sigler
Alexandra Smith
Eden Marie Starnes
Jay Storey
Kendal Storey
Travis Swann
Haley Thompson
Claire Tynes
John Max Ullrich III
Lee Werst
Clayton Wiggins
Marshall Wiggins
Edwin Wilson
Baylee Winkleman
Daniel Wojtuniak
Andrew Wood
Kadie Wood
Lindsay Wood
Scott Wooster
Stephanie Kay Wooster