National Groundwater Awareness Week

FGWA is proud to be a Groundwater Protector

Join us each year in March to help share the importance of groundwater and how the resource impacts our lives. 

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An annual observance established in 1999 to highlight the responsible development, management, and use of groundwater, the event is also a platform to encourage yearly water well testing and well maintenance, and the promotion of policies impacting groundwater quality and supply. Groundwater advocates across the country also use GWAW to highlight local water issues in their communities.

This year, NGWA and its partners will be focusing their advocacy on promoting professional opportunities in the groundwater industry.  According to the American Geoscience Institute, nationally there are more than 135,000 open positions in the industry now, which is far too high to keep up with consumer demand.

Because over 44% of the population depends on groundwater as a primary water source, developing an interest the groundwater industry is of vital importance to both the health and economy of the country. Groundwater professionals span a wide variety of careers and skills including well contractors, hydrogeologist, groundwater policy advocates, and suppliers and manufacturers of groundwater technology. 

GWAW also serves as an annual reminder for water well owners to test, tend, and treat their private water systems.  NGWA and the FGWA encourages annual inspections of private water systems by certified water well contractors to ensure systems are operating correctly and producing safe and healthy water.

How You Can Get Involved

  • GWAW provides an opportunity for people to learn about the importance of groundwater and how the resource impacts lives. Your involvement and passion during the week is what makes GWAW so successful, and we have put together social media graphics to share. Click here to view and download official logos.
  • You can help inspire the next generation of groundwater professionals with an Awesome Aquifer kit. The Awesome Aquifer Kit is a fun and educational groundwater kit with everything you need to build an aquifer model. Instructions and activity supplies are included to walk you through learning all about groundwater. Get yours at:
  • Support the Groundwater Foundation in their efforts to continue to protect, connect, and inspire.
  • Learn more about Florida's groundwater usage here -